Monday, September 24, 2018

Poetic Asides dream

A Memorable Dream

Usually dreams wisp away
before I’m fully awake,
but this dream has stuck
with me for weeks.

I dreamed my son
was still little, about five,
rather than the large 33-
year-old he is today.

He wanted a cake
to look like a grasshopper,
(don’t ask me why)
so I made him one.

Then he wanted
a grasshopper costume
so I put one together
and got an idea.

I knew of a weather balloon
that didn’t go high
but bounced up and down
kind of like a grasshopper.

So I took my son
where they were giving rides,
but the ballooned whipped
off into the wind above trees.

I about abandoned the idea,
when the wind calmed down
and an adult climbed aboard
to make sure it was safe.

Then a mom and little daughter
took a ride so, I decided we’d go,
but by the time my son and I
took our turn, the balloon lost air.

A man who I used to be close to
helped us into the chair. I asked
him if he wanted to come, but he
said there’d be too much weight.

It didn’t go very high, but enough
to see a great volcanic forest fire
heading our way, so we cried
out warnings and everyone ran.

Where we ran it was cold
so people started passing
out coats and it didn’t
matter who they belonged to.

But a friend who passed them out
recognized mine and gave it to me.
We dashed off until I wondered
if we were still in danger.

So my son and I climbed large steps
and could see the fire had died out.
So everyone stopped running.
And that was my dream.

Don’t know what the takeaway is.
Never try to act like a grasshopper?
Or maybe don’t eat chocolate candy
before going to bed for the night.

Sunday, September 23, 2018


Snuggled in chair
A quiet evening
Pulling a poem out of thin air
At last

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Poem Away cinq trois decala

Retirees/Empty Nesters

Empty nesters now, we didn’t think we’d get so old so soon.
We thought we’d still have zip and zing, travel far, shoot for the moon.
I make my to-do lists, we go to therapies and doctors.
After lunch, we feel like calling it a day and have our snores.
It’s so easy to get distracted by Facebook and Youtube.
It took me over a week to get my car to Jiffy Lube.
And my house still looks like it had been gone through by a haboob.
So I wonder if to having fun, we have become immune.
I dream of adventures and opportunities’ golden doors,
while hubby’s idea of excitement is a Rubik’s Cube.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Poem Away butterfly cincquain, h

Holy beauty
Helps people here on earth
Seek harmony and unity
Hear, hear
We will hope in the risen Son
Hurry to love and care
Spiritual high
Then home

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Poetic Asides Games

Why I Play Games with My Kids

Our growing up years, we played lots of games:
Croquet, badminton, ball and hide and seek.
All kinds of games in yards, or woods or creek.
Indoors, we played board games with many names.
Of fun but useless skills, we made some claims.
But Mom and Dad worked hard throughout the week.
So playing games to them?—like speaking Greek.
One visit, Mom played Scrabble there with me.
Becoming such a treasured memory.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Poem Away analogue, black and white

Midnight Trek

The inky night engulfed us like a shroud.
In moonlight, soft snow glistened indigo.
Leaves danced about, while wind did softly blow.
The shifting shadows cast from ghostly cloud,
inspired my horse to whinny clear and loud.
So I spoke words of comfort, sweet and low.
We kept up through the night, taking it slow.
We reached the hospital by morning light,
not letting my friend die without a fight.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Poetic Bloomings senses with a twist

At the Picnic

Mountains sang their lovely hymn.
Singers sent tingles up our spines.
We cuddled in savory blankets.
and nibbled on fragrant tangerines,
while hamburgers and hotdogs,
lined up on the grill like soldiers,
bid us come.